Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival

Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival

Tuesday, Jan 28, 2020 at 7:00pm


The Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival is the largest and most prestigious mountain festival in the world. Hot on the heels of the festival held every November in Banff, Canada, the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour hits the road. With stops planned in about 550 communities and more than 40 countries across the globe, this year’s tour features a collection of the most inspiring action, environmental, and adventure films from the festival. Traveling to exotic landscapes and remote cultures, and bringing audiences up-close and personal with adrenaline-packed action sports, the 2020 World Tour is an exhilarating and provocative exploration of the mountain world. The Banff Festival returns to Lebanon for its 20th year. For the first time at LOH, there will be two evenings with different films each night. Sponsored locally by Omer and Bob’s, Dartmouth Outing Club, Leki, and Rab.


THE FLIP (2019, USA, 3 minutes)
Filmmaker: Reed Rickert
French Skydiver Remi Angeli must face his fears in order to explore new expressions of movement while BASE jumping in Mexico. On the other side of his fear he discovers life in its purest form.

CAMEL FINDS WATER (2019, US, 9 minutes)
Filmmaker: Ian Durkin and Trevor Gordon
Trevor found the hull of an abandoned fishing boat in a field. He brought it home and built it back to a sea-worthy state over the course of a summer. Then, he took it on its maiden voyage to British Columbia in search of waves.

THE MOTIVATOR (2019, US, 5 minutes)
Filmmaker: Rockhouse Motion – Aaron Hitchins
Filmmaker Aaron Hitchins turns his camera on the person who has motivated him to lead a life connected to the outdoors: his mother, Maureen.

THE LADAKH PROJECT (2019, Austria, 13 minutes)
Filmmaker: David Arnaud and Corinna Halloran (Red Bull)
Seven days, three rivers, one woman. This is the story of Nouria Newman’s solo kayak adventure in the Indian Himalaya.

Filmmaker: Sender Films, Leo Houlding; Some profanity.
1000 miles, 200+ kgs, 65 days, 3 mates, 1 mountain. Unsupported, using snow-kites to travel great distance, with massive loads at speeds up to 60 kmph this is the epic tale of Leo Houlding, Jean Burgun and Mark Sedon’s daring dream to reach the summit of the most remote mountain on Earth; The Spectre, Antarctica.

A NORDIC SKATER (2018, Lithuania, 5 minutes)
Filmmaker: Paulius Neverbickas
The story of a man who uses every sense he has to travel on thin ice while Nordic skating in the Oslo region of Norway. He tells the story of how the little known sport of Nordic skating came to play a big part in his life.

Filmmaker: Mike Wilkinson; Some profanity.
A bourbon-fueled ride deep into the bushy hollers of Appalachia with a crew of harmless misfits as they race to search out and climb new ice routes before they’re gone.

SIBLINGS (2019, Canada, 3 minutes)
Filmmakers: Mike Hopkins, Scott Carlson
A short coming of age film that celebrates childhood and the relationship between siblings.

LHOTSE (2019, USA, 23 minutes)
Filmmaker: Dutch Simpson, Rob Wassmer, Kaki Or (Field Day Studios)
It’s not always what we achieve that defines us, rather it is why we achieve such things that creates clarity in our existence. In 2018, Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison completed the first ski descent of the 27,940-foot Lhotse, the fourth highest mountain in the world. This is their story.

DANNY DAYCARE (2019, UK, 4 minutes)
Filmmaker: Cut Media, Stu Thomson
In his latest film Danny MacAskill takes on some child care the only way he knows how... by taking them for a wee bike ride around Scotland! 

Tickets: $24 for Adults, $21 for Students, discounts available for groups

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