The 10 Best Piercing Places in New Hampshire!

From modest earrings to bold nose hardware, finding the proper place to get a piercing is critical. And New Hampshire’s excellent tattoo shops and piercing studios have you covered with a safe, clean, and welcoming atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or your tenth, you’re in good hands at the 10 best piercing places in New Hampshire.  

1. Tattoo Junkies, Dover, NH

Offering everything from pierced ears to complex industrial piercings, Tattoo Junkies clearly does way more than just tattoos. They tout themselves as “full body piercers,” so it seems just about anything goes! They don’t mess with safety, however. Their place and their tools are impeccable.

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2. Bob’s Tattoo, Raymond and Seabrook, NH

Get pierced at either of Bob’s Tattoo locations. No appointment is needed and lots of jewelry is on sale, too.

3. Splatter Palette Tattoo & Art Studio, Greenland, NH

Featuring body tattoos and a unique array of jewelry, Splatter Palette Tattoo & Art Studio is popular among those in Seacoast, New Hampshire, who want to pierce their ears or other appendages. The atmosphere is great, very clean, and puts those a bit apprehensive at instant ease.

4. Tattoo America, Seabrook, NH

You can get pierced at Tattoo America. They have a good reputation for piercings, and have been in the business for more than 20 years. They offer body jewelry, too.

5. Wild West Dermagraphics, South Tamworth, NH

Get pierced at Wild West Dermagraphics in their clean, safe studio. They only use jewelry that is made in the U.S. Lots of creative styles are available, too. 

6. Pinnacle Body Piercing, Dover, NH

Pinnacle Body Piercing has an excellent reputation for their sanitary conditions. They have an extensive array of jewelry and after care products, and are known for encouraging proper after care.

7. Midnight Moon Tattoo & Siren Body Piercing, Meredith, NH

Michaela Clarke is the piercer at Midnight Moon Tattoo & Siren Body Piercing. She enjoys lots of repeat customers. The studio is impressive, comfortable and relaxing. Michaela puts all her clients at ease.

8. Medusa Body Piercing, Salem, NH

The piercers at Medusa Body Piercing don’t just adhere to cleanliness standards, they’re all trained in First Aid and CPR, too. Featuring a nice assortment of piercing jewelry, they stock everything you’ll need for after care, too.

9. Precision Body Arts, Nashua, NH

Precision Body Arts does all kinds of body piercing, and takes pride in making it as easy as possible for their clients to endure. They offer videos on their website showing clients how painless it can be.

10. Spider-Bite, Inc., Manchester, NH

Pierce your ears, belly button, lip, eyebrow, and more at Spider-Bite, Inc. Not only do they have a state of the art studio, they offer the largest selection of body jewelry in all of New England.

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