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Carlee Harder

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Honestly, this school is only the tiniest bit good. Only because of some of the teachers. But otherwise this school sucks. The food is terrible, and this school is super sexist. The guys can swear in the middle of class and they wont get in trouble, but when my friend and the other girls say something bad, they get yelled at. That makes no sense at all. I have more to say, but I'm not going to say it because this review will end up getting taken down. So~ yeah. Bye.

Andrew Raskett

Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018
This school is interesting, teachers DEFINITELY like the girls more which is sexist and ridiculous. But the teachers are pretty good, some are better than others. Most classes are good you just have to try, which most kids don't. Some paras are good, others are just plain rude and mean. If I could change something else it would be that both boys and girls are equal.

Ryan Remillard

Monday, Feb. 19, 2018
Girls are WAY more favored in the classroom, and when a handful of us do something wrong, we all get punished, which is not fair at all. Half of your academic teachers don't show up to your 504 meetings, and some of the teachers are just plain mean, and treat you like animals, pointing to the door and saying "Out!" Some of the teachers could be nicer, and the kids could too. Oh, and while I'm rambling, they don't understand anxiety patients like me, and how their home lives are. If the people and rules were more relaxed, this would be an excellent school.

Mike Oxlong Deskin

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
If it wasn't for the time a kid named Josh Perdikes pushed me and made me drop my bowl of Apple Jacks and my catheter this school would be amazing. I have straight A's but stuck in a wheel chair from my childhood earlier on. I was also sexually touched by a math teacher when she rubbed my back and a ruler in her second hand poking me through the hole in the chair. I have a normal life though after that I have a meme account on Instagram by the name of x.xFresh and I play Xbox and PC. Also drugs are bad and I do not recommend the Marijoone because its bad. My father abused me as a child he would hit me with a a water bottle or anything he could get his hands on one time it was a pop tart. My mother is also abused her job being a teacher and the kids pick on her she is my math teacher and is pretty good at it. I was crippled when I took a shower and fell on a bar of soap and it killed me half way down. I can't even use my penis because of the crippling. RIP other than that good school.

Liam Scoledge

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
This school is WAY too sexist. Literally, one boy does something wrong, the entire pod is punished for that ONE person doing one thing. This school's food is trash because it comes from Sysco. (I just lost brain cells saying that name...) This is the WORST school that I've ever been to. The elementary school is better than this... asylum. This school is a stage, and we are the marionettes. I swear this school is run by Kim-Jong-Un. Alright, there is one thing that I should mention though... This school itself is fine, the PEOPLE here make it HORRIBLE.

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