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Nashua Skatepark

Nashua Skatepark
80 Bridge Street

Park Hours – 10:00am to 10:00pm

Rules and Regulations of the Parks…

ï‚· Use of this facility is at your own risk. Required equipment: Helmets, Knee & Elbow Pads, Wrist Supports

ï‚· All users are responsible for providing their own skateboards, skates and equipment and for insuring that equipment is maintained in

good working order

ï‚· The City of Nashua reserves the right to revoke use of facility privileges for individuals who are disorderly or do not obey park rules

ï‚· No makeshift items or modification to existing ramps permitted

ï‚· Skaters should respect right of way

ï‚· Park will be closed for rain, snow, ice & wet surface conditions

ï‚· No Alcohol or Tobacco allowed on the premises

ï‚· No glass containers

ï‚· No food or beverage allowed inside the fence

ï‚· No animals

ï‚· No one under the age of 11 is allowed to use the facility without parental supervision

ï‚· Defacing any facilities may result in closure of this park and prosecution of the fullest extent of the law

ï‚· Bicycles are not allowed inside the skateboard parks

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